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Carpet Care Specialists uses the Host Dry Carpet Cleaning System because it is safe for your carpet, your family and your pets. Why use excessive hot water, soap and harsh chemicals that other methods use on your expensive carpeting? We will dry clean your carpet, and you can even walk on it minutes after we are done. And, since there is no sticky, soapy residue left behind, your carpet stays cleaner for longer. Host has the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and meets Green Seal’s high standards.

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We offer a variety of services, including carpet cleaning, stretching, repairs, carpet to tile securing and upholstery cleaning...


We offer Power-Stretching if your carpet is loose or has buckles. Carpet can develop buckles if it is not properly installed. “Knee-Kickers” are NOT designed to stretch entire rooms. A “Power-Stretcher” uses leverage to put the proper tension on the carpet. Once the correct amount of tension is applied, the carpet looks better, and will actually wear better and last longer. So if you have speed bumps in your home, call us and we will permanently remove them - guaranteed.

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We also do finishing work after tile, wood or vinyl floors have been installed. We will install the highest quality tack strips, stretch, cut and tuck your transitions. This is a very important last step, and needs to be done professionally to bring out the beauty of your carpet and hard surfaces.


We repair bleach spots, burns, tears, split seams, Berber runs, and especially pet damage. We do custom repairs, by hand, without the use of unprofessional “cookie-cutter” repair kits. This way we align the carpet pile correctly for best results. We have a reputation for being carpet surgeons because of our skill and experience. And once completed, our repairs will last the life of your carpet!